Why you should buy school lockers instead of renting

The advantages of having a school locker are obvious given that kids often have more, and sometimes heavier, belongings to carry about during the school day. Of course, it might be confusing to consider where to obtain school lockers because there are so many locker suppliers in the UK, offering both purchase and rental alternatives.

Of course, whilst renting lockers can have its positives, there are also lots of benefits to purchasing lockers instead of renting.



Firstly, should you purchase your own lockers, you can also buy a master key for the locks. This can be kept on-site, perhaps in the reception or office area of the school, and allows easy, immediate access to the lockers. This is particularly handy if a student misplaces their school locker key, or if access is needed to the lockers for security purposes by the school.



On the subject of keys, many rental locker companies can require students to return their keys at the end of the school year, so that the lockers can be reallocated to students the following year. This can pose a security risk if keys are not returned or could mean that the rental company requires access to the lockers during the school holidays to replace locks. This could pose an inconvenience as staff members would be required to come in during the summer break.



One of the most common problems with school lockers is that kids can break them with graffiti, dents, markings, or other types of damage. You will have to make arrangements for an engineer or service representative from the rental firm to come in and fix your lockers if you decide to rent them. This might indicate that lockers are not used for prolonged periods of time. You can take care of your own lockers; most damage caused by students can be repaired by you or your caretakers, and the lockers will be usable much more quickly.



Rental lockers might seem like a financial benefit for schools, particularly with budgets being cut and pennies being saved. However, rental lockers aren’t free. The parents of school children pay a yearly fee for the lockers, and in the current cost of living crisis, this may well be another thing parents just cannot afford. This can mean some students end up carrying around heavy bags all day simply because their families cannot afford to pay for a locker.


Of course, if you do decide to go down the route of purchasing lockers for your school, this can be costly. Whether you’re planning on purchasing metal lockers, laminate lockers, or something else entirely, it’s important to make sure you are buying lockers of high quality and from the right supplier. There are a lot of locker companies in the UK, many of which claim to be the UK’s leading suppliers. We at Madabout Lockers, we are manufacturer our lockers to high standards with fantastic prices!


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