Lockers for schools
Prime Time for Refurbishment
Summer months can be the perfect opportunity to schedule projects to upgrade and refurbish changing areas and locker rooms in schools and sports facilities. Security and durability are highly important when refurbishing your lockers. Madabout Lockers can replace locks, keys, locker doors and supply additional accessories such as number plates and wrist straps.

School Sector
School lockers see a lot of action. Vandalism issues aside, school lockers need to withstand daily use. Metal lockers have been a favourite of schools; however, we have noticed a new trend from schools using laminate lockers. Laminate lockers are aesthetically pleasing, more so incredibly durable.

Many schools are still favouring cam locks and swivel locks as a locking system. These locking systems are child’s play to our service department as they are easily interchangeable. Madabout Lockers offer padlocks for the swivel lockers for your school lockers. Locker keys and master keys are easily replaceable. We manufacture keys in-house, therefore these can be with you within a few days.

Madabout Lockers can provide metal and laminate colour samples for large projects if doors need to be replaced because of damage or wear and tear. Changing locker doors is a hassle-free job, and depending on the number of locker doors, these can be delivered to you in no time. Summer holidays are the perfect time to renew and replace lockers and locker parts. During this time, schools are empty, and maintenance work can proceed efficiently.

Leisure Sector
Leisure facilities, gyms and spa health centres are oozing luxury as they mostly use digital locks for smart-looking lockers. We can replace digital locks or can replace doors and upgrade your lockers with digital locks. The advantages of having laminate lockers with digital locks are endless. Security and convenience is a top priority for the customer.

Madabout Lockers can easily replace your old wrist straps if you still choose to use the reliable key and strap. Master key or locker key replacements are easily achievable and will be with you in no time by post.

We offer free consultation about the services you may require and help you decide what is best for your site. Our service goes beyond the leisure and school industries. We can refurbish offices and other commercial sites.

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