How to Install Metal Lockers?
Installing lockers may be easy for professionals, but tricky for anyone doing it for the first time. This is why Madabout Lockers are giving you some essential tips on how to install lockers safely.

Things to consider are the size of the room, ceiling height, fixtures, fittings and location, as this will affect the positioning of your lockers. Measurements of the area need to be specific and you have to allow approximately 4mm extra at the sides of each locker. Allow corridor widths of approximately 1000mm minimum especially in schools and consider the space for when opening doors.

You need to consider the position of any windows or doors. Make sure your lockers will not block access to any windows or doors. Note things like skirting boards, radiators, heating pipes, light switches, and sockets etc.

Make sure you install on a strong, level and even surface. If there is a slope to the floor, you will need to position them on locker stands with adjustable feet, stands can be ordered from our accessories page for your lockers. Check the suitability of the wall before installing your lockers.

For your locker installation you will need a spirit level, spanner, drill and handling equipment. Fixings, nesting nuts and bolts will be provided. Ideally two people are required to do an installation. Suitable PPE may be required for safety reasons.

You are now ready to install
Most lockers are tall and thin, depending on your requirements and specifications but they could be unstable if they are not fixed to the wall or each other. A single run of lockers must be secured to a suitable anchor point with a suitable bracing mechanism. Lockers on stands or seat/stands should be fixed down to the stand or seat/stand as well as side to side and back to a wall or a run of lockers.

Upkeep of your lockers
Cleaning lockers is easy; simply use a duster or soft cloth. It is recommended that all locks and hinges are regularly maintained with a suitable lubricant. If any doors or locks become damaged, we recommend replacing these as soon as possible so security is not compromised. Madabout Lockers offer replacement doors and other accessories.

Please note this only applies to metal and heavy duty lockers. For further guidance or to find out more please call us on 01284 727627 or email