antibacterial metal lockers

Mild steel metal is a good choice for hygiene-critical applications. However, even with rigorous cleaning regimes, there’s always the risk of harmful bacteria, funguses and viruses collecting on the surface. Scientifically proven antibacterial paint has a lasting protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. This is why Madabout Lockers have decided to launch a new range of metal lockers with antibacterial paint. You can now order one to six compartment metal lockers on our website that has an antibacterial coating for your protection. This will reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in hygiene critical environments such as schools, offices, hospitals and leisure centers’. Works well in areas of high public use and provides a clean, decorative, long-life finish. The use of antimicrobial technologies in the coating of these steel lockers, combined with quality ventilation to keep the contents of the locker fresh and offering protection from harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells.

We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from, the aesthetics and durability of the locker is not compromised by the antibacterial paint. Antibacterial paint will last for the expected lifetime of normal paint and will help in these uncertain times.

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